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Stagger Lee was formed in  April of 1981 when band founder Bobby Joe Mueller named the group after the 1958 hit song made famous by Lloyd Price.  For many years they have performed, and still do quality music for thousands of loyal fans, from the clubs and concerts of the tri-state area to the recording studios of Nashville.  They are very thankful for their success in the music business and pride themselves on being consistent, hard-working, professional musicians.  Check their Calendar to see where and when they'll be in your area.  Come see for yourself why they've been voted the Cammy Award's "Best Band in Cincinnati" for two consecutive years!  THANKS to all the friends and family who continue to support us after all these years!  After all, it's all about good times and great friends!  "Great music is that which  penetrates the ear with facility and leaves the memory with difficulty." ---Sir Thomas Beecham



BOBBY JOE MUELLER - Bobby  plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, and helps out on percussion when called for.  Bobby is also the frontman and lead singer for the band.  He's the reason why so many people keep comin' back for more.  He started Stagger Lee in 1981 and has been the heart and soul of the group for 33 years...and still going.  If you enjoy country, you'll love Bobby's smooth, soulful style.  Don't be fooled though; he can also belt out a rocker when he wants.  Bobby is a marvelous entertainer so don't expect to just sit  in your chair.  He likes to include everybody!
MIKE TAPOGNA - Pro Drummer.  With over 30 years of continuous playing, performing and studing.  He has shared arena stages with big name artists and played dives with friends  for the love of music and the love of playing drums... From his time in  Los Angeles he was fortunate to be invited to play in several.  He has drumming credits on several gold and platinum recordings as well as countless local-original releases and demos that he is equally proud of.  Mike has lots of experience over dubbing "live" drums to pre-recorded music as well as playing live to sequences and click tracks.  His background includes rock, funk, blues, country and jazz performances and recording sessions.  While in Seattle, Mike appeared on drums in a video for Bob Rivers' twisted tunes that featured an appearance by none other than Ozzy Osborne!  It's recieved extensive play on MTV and VH1.
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He's back!  Derek Johnson comes to Stagger Lee for his 2nd tour of duty and he has moved over from the 4 and 5 string bass slot to the 6 string with a B bender!  Derek has been a pro player for over 50 years starting with the Gospel music of the Goads in 1975.  Known for his work in the recording studio and film soundtrack work, he was a charter member of the band Uncle Daddy and had one of his tunes featured on a Music Direct release.  A two time winner (with Uncle Daddy) of Cincinnati's Cammy Award, he is at home playing the guitar on any genre of music and his vocal and guitar work has put him on stages around the world,  He's even had a few cameo appearances in two of the film soundtracks he was involved with.  His love is real, genuine country music of the 40's, 50's, and 60's and counts the titans of the Telecaster as his mentors.  He is the daddy of rising guitar star Mason Johnson (with CFG and the Family) and if your stars are lucky, you can sometimes catch them both on stage with The Stagger Lee Band!  In his spare time, Derek is a vintage instrument aficionado and collects and restores vintage Fender Telecaster guitars and Fender Telecaster guitars and Fender amps along with his Harley Davidson motorcycles and enjoys his collection of vintage blues and country artists on vinyl when he isn't out on the road.


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Jonathan Grooms bio to follow

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